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CHINA: Scenic Spots Under Construction

March 13, 2000

CHINA, March 9, AsiaPort -- Guizhou Province in Southwest China will invest heavily in the next three years to step up infrastructure construction in scenic spots area in the Miao-Dong Autonomous Prefecture in southwest Guizhou with a view to Attracting more visitors. Seven million RMB yuan (US$ 840,000) already been allocated by the State Development Planning Commission and the National Tourism Administration for construction of infrastructure facilities in the prefecture, said Yang Shengming, an official in charge of the province's tourism. She said the prefecture, known for its unique folk customs, ethnic cultures and ancient buildings, has been listed by UNESCO as one of the world's top 10 scenic spots. Construction of highways and an airport leading to the prefecture are currently under way, making it easier for tourists to reach the area. Guizhou is known as a "garden province" for its scenic forests and ancient architectural buildings.

Ref.: Guizhou Economic News, Page 5, March 13, 2000