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Date: 04/28/2000

Ladies' night out down in Miao country

From April 18 to 20 women in Taijiang County of Southwest China's Guizhou Province stole many shows at the Jiemei Festival, an annual Miao event, which was covered by China Daily photographer Yang Shizhong.

This festival displays the feminine culture of young Miao women.

Young Miao women put on their best traditional costumes and wear clicking silver jewellery, which elicit mixed reactions from any tourists. Their costumes not only demonstrate craftsmanship, but also a long history. In Taijiang County, Miao people make up to 97 per cent of the population.

A local saying holds that Miao culture is hidden in women's clothes and that a woman's headdress is a history primer.

At the festival, Miao women sang and danced to their hearts' content. They could also gather with their young male counterparts to look for lifetime love. Pairs would meet with exchanges of songs and secret gazes.

Once a gal feels comfortable with a fellow, she might leave him something personal as a token of love.

While the young women and men had their fun, tourists also took time to enjoy the festivities.

China Daily news