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Fishing guide made easier

Nationwide News Pty Limited, February 2, 2002, Saturday  

A QUEENSLAND recreational fishing guide has been translated into the South-East Asian language of Hmong in a bid to help hundreds of North Queensland residents.

The Hmong language "Guidelines for Recreational Fishing in Queensland", an initiative of the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol, was launched in Innisfail this week.

The guide was translated from English by Innisfail resident Say Xiong.

Member for Mulgrave Warren Pitt said Hmong was spoken by more than 500 Innisfail district residents.

Many people in the area could trace their origin to Laos, where the language is spoken in the northern highlands. "After speaking with representatives from the community, Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district manager Bob Koch recognised the need for such a publication due to the uniqueness of the language and the cultural, social and economic importance of fishing to the community," Mr Pitt said.

Patrol education officer Karl Roebuck co-ordinated the production of the Hmong language brochure.

Mr Roebuck will work with the community to distribute the guide to Hmong-speaking households.

This is the second time the guide has been translated to meet the needs of a specific community. It has also been translated into Vietnamese.