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WAT THAM KRABOK: Blast linked to drug conflict

June 30, 2000

A conflict over illegal drugs inside Wat Tham Krabok led to Tuesday's bomb blast at the temple, according to a senior officer in the Supreme Command.

He said Pracha Kosa, whose house was the target of the bomb, was known in the community as a government informer whose information had led to the arrest of several Hmong traffickers.

The home-made device went off about 6am on Tuesday, injuring six Hmong including a 12-year old boy.

Mr Pracha was not injured in the explosion, since he had found the device earlier that morning and moved it elsewhere before it went off.

The officer said the Interior Ministry plans to move the estimated 14,000 Hmong inside the temple to Nakhon Ratchasima's Si Kiew district.

"Security agencies have already worked out details over the relocation plan," he said.