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HEADLINE: Laos scoffs at military aid reports: Post Reporters

Laos has dismissed reports that it sought military assistance from Vietnam to combat mounting attacks from Hmong rebels.

Laos Vice Foreign Minister Phongsavath Boupha said the diplomats in question had shown "ignorance" about Laos and that the recent bombings in Vientiane were "minor incidents" compared with what has happened in Thailand.

Mr Phongsavath said the report was "about something that cannot happen" but stopped short of denying the report outright. "It's laughable. Who can say such things?" he added.

"The diplomats know nothing about Laos. If they understood Lao history, they would know that Laos never would allow foreigners to intervene in its internal affairs," he said.

Laos did not seek Vietnamese help when there were problems on the Thai-Lao border during the 1980s, the minister insisted, adding his country engaged in border co-operation with Vietnam as it had with other neighbouring countries.